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Our Story

At Runur Athletics we are aiming to make a pair of running shorts to outlast your longest run.

Nothing about running is easy. The training hours are lonely. The weather changes quickly. Your body rebels against taking the road less traveled. Yet, in those moments, you unlock a side of yourself you didn't even know existed. There is no ego, no doubt, no self-judgement. It's just you and the road ahead.

When I started running marathons and ultras, I had no idea what was involved in the process. I had no idea that I was capable of the transformation, both mentally and physically, that occurred. And I definitely had no idea where to find the apparel that I needed to ensure my journey was comfortable and efficient.

I started out seeking to solve the problem of chafing for myself. Now, I want to share my design and help everyone else go the distance. After running over 2,000 miles in my design (100 of those miles done within the same 24 hours), I am confident these shorts will withstand whatever obstacle you throw at them. It’s time to feel the power of your own strength.

Specialized features to ensure our shorts will outlast your longest run include:

Lightweight, four-way stretch (hello mobility)
Invisible front zipper pockets (Goodbye extra pack)
A “No Chafe” stitching liner (seamless anti-chafe protection)
Strategically placed inner pockets on both sides (ideal for a cell phone)
A perfectly balanced length (take these out in all kinds of weather)
At Runur, we celebrate the real you. The road warrior. The up-at-five and out the door trudger. The trailblazer. The late-night and still-out-here Runur.
Our running shorts won’t back down. They're tough and bold. Just like you.
No matter how you run ur run, run it well.