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Benefits of Running

by Lucas Hathaway 24 Mar 2022 0 Comments

Running is one of the best things you can do for your physical health, your mental health, and your social health. Once you take up running as your primary form of exercise, you’ll see benefits in all these areas and many more. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most beneficial aspects that come from the hard training that happens in a Runur’s lifestyle.

Physical Health
Running is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise. No other activity can keep you in the cardio training zone for the sustained amount of time that happens when you go for a run. If you’re training for a trail run or a long road race like a marathon, the plan you’ll follow will work towards getting your body accustomed to sustaining a cardiovascular workout for multiple hours at a time. The physical effects of training your body to sustain an elevated heart rate for a long time continue well past the end of your run.
Weight loss also happens quite easily for Runurs. The caloric burn that happens once you start running is huge, but so is the burn that happens after you stop running. As you work on strengthening the muscles in your legs and core, you’ll find that running actually conditions your muscles in ways that other forms of cardio just don’t. You can feel your muscles recovering after a run, but after a hard 45 minutes on an elliptical machine? Not so much. This after-effect continues to burn calories as your muscles work to repair themselves.
One of the best benefits of running is that there is no limit to the improvements that you can make. Once you’ve trained your body to run a few miles, you’ll be able to easily work up to a 10k or a half marathon. After that, a full marathon is just around the corner. If the full marathon isn’t challenging enough for you, you can advance to the ultra-running world. Ultramarathons are any official race that is longer than 26.2 miles. Most come in 50k, 50 miles, or even 100-mile races. The physical endurance that comes from running just keeps building and building as you keep working at it.

Mental Health
Running is also great for your mental health All cardio exercise releases endorphins in your body. Endorphins are chemical hormones that help regulate feelings of pleasure as well as fight against sources of pain. They are often described as “nature’s painkiller”. When you workout, especially with a prolonged cardio workout, endorphins are released to help cope with the stress you’re putting your body through. These hormones continue to circulate long after your run is over, leading to what many describe as the “Runur’s high”.
Running is an excellent tool to control your anxiety. If you’re feeling nervous about a big presentation at work, or if you have heavy decisions to make at home about your finances or your family, going for a run can calm you down and keep the symptoms of anxiety in check. A quick 30-minute jog can change your entire perspective on things, giving you the ability to focus on what really matters.
In addition, running is a great way to clear your head. If you like to run in the morning before work, doing so can help you wake up and get ready for the day. Dedicating some time to yourself before heading into the office can recalibrate your attitude for the entire day. Runurs often say they feel angsty or angry if they haven’t run in a few days, which furthers the point that running is a great way to keep your mind healthy and happy.
Trail running is a specific form of running that can do great things for your mental health. Trail runs allow you to explore nature while also getting in some exercise. Getting outside, with fresh air and beautiful scenery can have profound effects on your mental state. Any kind of run is a good run, but the best runs are the ones that happen outside, in the sunshine, with brain-stimulating terrain to work across.

Social Health
Your social health, or the connections you feel towards others, can also be greatly impacted by taking up running. Run clubs are great places to meet new friends. Runurslove meeting other Runurs, and clubs are great ways to foster those connections. Running can be a solitary sport, but if you reach out and connect with other Runurs, you’ll find new friends that want to socialize, support each other, and motivate each other to keep going.
In addition to making new friends, running can be a way to grow existing relationships. If you have friends or family members that aren’t Runurs, suggesting that you all sign up for a 5k together can be a great way to reconnect. They’ll have seen your transformation as you took up running and got into it and will want to try the same for themselves. The 5k distance is accessible to most people with just a little bit of training needed, so getting your whole family involved in the next fun 5k in your community can be a way to use running to bring more people together.
Participating in races can also help share your story about running. Posting about your successes and sharing your story about how you got started in running, how it impacted your life, can help motivate others while also giving you a boost to keep going.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our review of the many benefits of running. The next time you’re feeling like you’d rather stay on the couch than lace up and hit the road, try thinking of some of these benefits as motivation to get out there. And don’t forget – the best runs are the ones in which you have the right gear. Check out our line of anti-chafe running shorts available at to keep you running with a smile. Happy Running!

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