New Year. New Start. Let’s Go!

New Year. New Start. Let’s Go!

Let’s Go Team RUNUR. Let’s Go RUNUR Community. Let’s do this!

By Andrew Greenfield

Quebec City

It’s January, It’s the new year, the festive season is well and truly over, and we’re back at work and in the swing of things. Most of us anyway. If you’re not and are perhaps retired then well, lucky you. More time for you to do YOU!

The thing is, you don’t need to be retired to do YOU – that said, you do need a bit of discipline (I know, I know, easier said than done), some motivation, and a healthy dollop of determination.

If we can throw a goal into the mix then we’re most definitely on the right track.

Setting yourself a goal is crucial, so let’s concentrate on that.
Once we have that all important goal the motivation, discipline, and determination will come. Trust me!

A few years ago I’d ballooned from being a healthy 180-185 lbs 6ft 1 male to 270 lbs.

The reasons are for another day however they did include a stressful personal life involving no real quality sleep, drink (too much), junk food (lots of), and not enough (ok, practically no) exercise.

My goal, once I’d accepted the situation I’d helped create, was to get back to where I was comfortable and be able to exercise as I as I knew I once could.

I set myself a goal. Actually I set myself 2.
One long term a few months away and then a short term goal that changed weekly / bi-weekly depending on results.
Both were linked with the short term goal helping me work towards the bigger picture.

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My long term goal was a running event – one that I know I used to be able to do / or could do once fit enough again.

The short term goal involved a weekly task used to work towards the long term one.

For example, I wanted to be able to run a half marathon (13 miles / 21 km) with relative ease.

So here’s the thing, if you’re out of condition (for whatever reason) then it’s not really attainable now, but could be in the future with the right training.

My short term goal then, was being able to walk/run 5km, then 6km, then 7km etc. 

Each time I hit my goal I was motivated to go a step further and increase the distance.
Always walking and running and then running.
Once I could run the distance, I increased it incrementally.

To motivate ourselves further to achieve our goals we can share our runs and workouts on social media.
It’s surprising just how much positive comments from complete strangers can help us to kick on.
We all need a pat on the back sometimes. This is one such way of getting that. In turn, your achievements can (and do) motivate others.

Achieving our goals is not and will not be easy.
It if was, then everyone would be doing it.

My parting advice would be not to overwhelm yourself and try and do too much too soon or you’ll more than likely give up. And we don’t want that.

Hit the pavement. Hit the trails. Hit the gym.
Wherever and whenever you train – make it purposeful and above all, ENJOY IT!

Why not post your goal for 2023 in the comments section.
We can all motivate each other.

Hopefully I’ll see you at an event somewhere in 2023.

Let’s Go Team RUNUR. Let’s Go RUNUR Community. Let’s do this!


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Andrew Greenfield Photo

Andrew Greenfield a.k.a GreenfieldRunner (instagram)
RUNUR Athlete
You don’t have to go fast, you just have to go!


Andrew is a middle-aged ultramarathon runner based in Quebec, Canada.
A confirmed mid-pack finisher, he runs for fun.
He is a proud military veteran.

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