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The Benefits of Participating in Sports Events

by Lucas Hathaway 01 Oct 2023 0 Comments

The Benefits of Participating in Sports Events

By Andrew Greenfield, RUNUR Athlete

Regardless of the sport we practice, be it weightlifting, soccer, running, rugby, cycling, boxing, tennis, swimming or something else equally as important to us, if we enter competitions there are huge benefits.

We’re not just talking about the event itself, there’s the weeks (and sometimes months) of build up beforehand to contend with.

Regardless of our age, there’s competitions and events for all of us.

What can we hope to get out of taking part though?

The actual event itself, and the resulting euphoria of competition, is really the cherry on the cake. Everything that comes beforehand is where the real rewards can be found.

Here’s a few reasons why competitive sport is a good thing :

Physical benefits, Stress reduction, The feel good factor (confidence and self-esteem), Social Interaction, Teamwork, Regular commitment, Goal setting, and Event preparation.

1. Physical Benefits

There are obvious physical (and mental) health benefits to practicing a sport such as strengthening the body, burning some calories, building muscle, keeping illnesses at bay and the mind active. You’ll come out of this with an overall sense of wellbeing while giving yourself a welcome boost for the mind, body, and soul. Not to mention that it’s also a great stress reliever.

2. Stress Reduction

Life can be stressful for some (ok, all) of us at various times in our busy lives.
Making time for, and participating in a sport helps you naturally relieve stress. I know that when out on a long run or training in the gym, all the cares in the world seem to just magically float away. 

3. The Feel Good Factor

Working out and playing sports, when done well, makes you feel great.
Perhaps you’ve lifted a weight you’ve been trying to do for a while, or ran a distance in a certain time. You have a smile on your face long after because of your hard work. It pays off if you’re prepared to put the work in.

4. Social Interaction

Playing a competitive sport is a great way to meet people and make friends.

Whether your chosen sport is team-oriented or not, you get the chance to be with other like- minded people and engage with them.

You can chat while training and discover if you share common goals.
You’ll not be surprised to discover that you probably do.
You may also enjoy time with your ‘gang’ after the training sessions and events, too.
I’ve found a few running and gym buddies over the years, some of whom have become great friends. For some (including me), this is invaluable.

5. Teamwork

If your chosen sport is not a team sport, there is still an element of teamwork involved.

Sure, you’ll train alone from time to time (maybe often), but sometimes you’ll be with others.
Training with someone means working together over the training period, while helping and motivating each other.

6. Regular Commitment

One of the great things about organized, completive sports is it needs you to be able to make a regular commitment (weekly or sometimes more).

Your busy work and home life is organized, contains important deadlines, and stresses (as we mentioned earlier).
With this commitment to your chosen activity, you get to forget about all that for a while, focus on why you’re there, decompress, and enjoy yourself.

7. Goal Setting

If you set some goals early on then this will give you some direction. Choose something achievable (but difficult) to aim for. You’ll focus on that and hopefully make sensible decisions in order to fulfil these. With this in place you’ll have a clear direction of where you’re headed.

8. Event Preparation

So, the day has come, all the hard work has been done. The event itself is (or should be) the cherry on the cake.

The reward for all that’s gone before.

If you follow the event instructions then hopefully everything will go as planned.
Whatever the sport, whatever the event, you’ve put the work in and you’re ready.

You’re on the start line. You’ve already won.
Go out there and perform as you know you can.

Smash it, maestro!

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Andrew Greenfield, RUNUR Athlete
You don’t have to go fast, you just have to go!
a.k.a @GreenfieldRunner (instagram)
Andrew is a middle-aged ultramarathon runner based in Quebec, Canada.
A confirmed mid-pack finisher, he runs for fun.
He is a proud military veteran.

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