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Recovering after a long run

by Lucas Hathaway 24 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Recovering after a long run

By Andrew Greenfield, RUNUR Athlete

So you’ve done your long training run.
It’s over. It’s in the bag. So, what now?

Fueling, stretching, and sleeping. That’s what!

This is my go to routine after a long run, and pretty much what I did after recently competing in the Trail Clinique du Coureur (
generale-2023) in Lac-Beaport, Quebec, Canada.
A very technical 50km trail. One of the most technical I’ve done. Large, jagged rocks, sharp precipices, roots and branches everywhere, and steep, steep climbs.

Those 3 things mentioned above are always important, regardless of the time of year, where we
are in the world, the weather conditions, and where we are in our respective events calendars.

We’ll talk about fueling during a long run another time, but why is it important AFTER? If we’ve deprived ourselves of some of our favourite foods (and yes, I do mean junk food), GUILTY as charged, your honour!, it’s ok to indulge. Particularly after a gruelling long run or an event.
You’ve earned it and you deserve it. You do. Go on. Treat yourself!

But, if we want to get back to business as soon as possible, good quality, nutricious food, the right amount of it, and relevant liquids are crucial over the next 48 hours at least.

Running over a sustained period of time really hammers the body. Hitting the ground with every step takes its toll. It’s hard because obviously, you work hard for hours on end.

Inflammation and damaged muscles go hand in hand with all that hard work.
We can recover from this with enough of these 3 things.
1. Fuelling

In terms of fuel, multivitamins and omega 3 taken on a daily basis help from the get go.
Fluids and sodium lost during the exercise period need replacing. Electrolytes assist with this and should be considered as an absolute must.
In addition to this, a meal loaded with carbs and protein or a protein and carb shake mix around 45 minutes to an hour after finishing will put you back on the right track. Carbs I usually opt for include potatoes, rice, or pasta.

Protein I aim for includes tofu, edamame, chicken, beef, eggs, or fish.
The longer you exercise for, the more electrolytes, protein, and carbs you’ll need. Skip those and you’re setting yourself up for an injury down the road.

2. Stretching

Yoga and foam rollers are great for this.
Yoga is a great way to stretch, and if like me, you really don’t like stretching and see it as a necessary chore, then it’s awesome.
I’m just being honest here. We can’t always like everything we have to do in life.
Stretching is one of those things for me. I do it because I want to be able to perform to the best of my ability. Yoga is absolutely my saviour in this regard.

Foam rolling is also up there in terms of being beneficial.
Your muscles and skin are usually tight after a run.
Foam rolling alleviates this and you can do that while relaxing and watching TV.
Find a bit of floor space and get on with it.

If your budget can stretch to a massage gun or a visit to a massage therapist then I can tell you
from experience it won’t be money wasted.
Your body will thank you for the investment in the long term.

3. Sleeping

The truth is, you need some really good quality sleep, and plenty of it. There’s no short cuts here.
Your muscles repair and your body recovers while you’re getting some welcome shut-eye. Sleep also replenishes energy levels. This in turn will aid your performance and reaction times when you work out again.

Feeling stressed? Want to run longer and more efficiently more often but can’t seem to be able to do so?
Chances are you need more sleep.

If you genuinely want to do the best you can with your chosen sport, the simple solution is to turn off all your electronic distraction devices (telephones, tablets and the like) at a reasonable hour and go to bed. Try and aim for 8 hours if you can.

Your long run or event is now over – enjoy your fuelling, stretching, and sleeping.

Turn off the lights, please. Goodnight!


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Andrew Greenfield, RUNUR Athlete
You don’t have to go fast, you just have to go!
a.k.a @GreenfieldRunner (instagram)
Andrew is a middle-aged ultramarathon runner based in Quebec, Canada.
A confirmed mid-pack finisher, he runs for fun.
He is a proud military veteran.

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